Eternal Warrior II

With Eternal Warrior II just around the corner, and for this tournament I am not running it, that means I can actually just build a list to use and play some games!

So without further ado here is my 2k list, its got some significant modifications from the Grand Tournament list that I used, and has been tweaked even further from the one I threw together to sub in at Firestorm with.

Army Keyword: Imperium

Ultramarines Battalion Detachment

Captain - Power Axe, Bolt Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Warlord - Adept of the Codex, Relic - Santic Halo
Chief Librarian Tigurius

Scout Squad, Sniper Rifles x 5, Camo Cloaks x 5
Tactical Squad, Heavy Bolter
Tactical Squad, Missile Launcher

Heavy Support
Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought - Twin Lascannon x 2

Adeptus Custodes Vanguard Detachment

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike, Hurricane Bolter, Interceptor Lance

Allarus Custodians, 4 Allarus Custodians, Castellan Axe x 4
Custodian Wardens, 3 Wardens, Castellan Axe x 2, Guardian Spear x 1
Vertus Praetor in Allarus Terminator Armour, Vexilla Magnifica

Ultramarine Auxiliary Super Heavy

Relic Spartan Assault Tank, Quad Lascannon x 2, Twin Heavy Bolter x 1

Total Points: 1999
Total Command Points: 9 (3+5+1)

The Plan
So this list should allow me to get the bonus to going first, as my entire Ultramarine Detachment (minus the Mortis Contemptor can fit inside the Spartan).

The Spartan & Mortis give me a whopping 12 Lascannons for killing tanks at range, with a theoretical maximum number of targets of 4 (Twin Lascannon at two, Quad Lascannons at two), and a little more realistically three with four Lascannons at each.

The Heavy Bolter & Missile Launcher are really only there to allow me to use the Space Marine Stratagems each turn to help dish out Mortal wounds.

While Tigurius can only help protect either the Spartan or the Contemptor, he can double whammy both with Might of Heroes & -1 to be shot at, which isnt too shabby!

The Custodes have forgone most of their Jetbikes, for a change if nothing else. The Allarus Custode rules were the reason I got into the Custode army, and I have still yet to play Unleash the Lions as a Stratagem, this army might actually allow me to do that though with the ability to get CP's back, and some other serious up front threats.

Is it my best list, no probably not, but it allows me to look at how I am going to tweak my 2000 points list down to 1750 points for the first Grant Tournament Heat in early July!