Custodes Lunar Watch - Gallery

So far my Custodes have played in a few games, the first as mainly proxies and allies, the second as an army (unpainted at the time) in their own right. Here I will keep the pictures of the units as I complete them, with a link to their article, and some notes about their performance & games played! 

They have now moved into a fully fledged army, which has attended a Grant Tournament (with allies) finishing 16/63! 

Total Games played in 8th - 23

Win:   11
Loss:  12

Draw: 0

(updated 3rd December 2018)

The Custodes I am playing do not wear the traditional red of their brethren, but instead wear blue. They have been based on the Moon since the Heresy. With the return of a Primarch they march to war, bringing the Emperors light & justice wherever they tread. 

Shield-Captain in Allarus Terminator Armour

Games Played: 4
Both times I have got my tactics wrong with this guy, in the first game he did manage to charge an Achillles Landraider, but was lucky to survive to do so, in the second game he charged a Riptide, failed his charge roll and got hit by 7 overwatch shots (needing 6's) which took him for 6 to 7 wounds right quick! 

The last couple of times I have used him, once as my Warlord (with a 3++) and once not as my Warlord (also with a 3++).

Due to his lack of movement I don't think he is a good choice for your Warlord as you need to play aggressive to get the most out of him and his lack of movement does leave him open to a chunk of shooting!

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike

Games Played: 10
With 9 games with 1 or 2 of these on the table I can confirm they certainly can tank those shots! 

I expect there to be a nerf or points increase coming soon, although their guns arent outstanding, and their combat isnt actually that amazing, but when you see as many as people have zooming around its sort of to be expected! 

Vexilus Praetor with Storm Shield

Games Played: 8
Turned up, buffed my units with -1 to hit, and held an objective for me for several turns. Cheap scoring unit that helps others survive so pretty happy with him! 

Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Terminator Armour

Games Played: 13
The ability to deep strike without a CP cost is pretty big, although only having one of them seems to be a problem, need to get another one or two! 

Allarus Custodians

Games Played: 12
Only have four of these guys, and was a little underwhelmed, but I think that was door to poor decision making on my part rather than poor unit rules or anything! More games required! 

Last game out their rule of may move towards the nearest enemy character for Pile In & Consolidate moves worked wonders, allowing me to lock an Achilles Landraider (my charge target), a Primaris Ancient, a Lascannon Devastator Squad & a squad of Hellblasters in combat. Used well I can see these guys growing on me! 

Still an outstanding threat that people have to deal with, really need to bump them upto a squad of 4 or 5!

Custodian Wardens

Games Played: 3
Love the models, fun to assemble and looking to be fun to paint. Three games in with them and I have found them effective, if a unit I want to split into two units. They have never been outstanding, but rather just solid in each game I have played. 

Custodian Guard
Games Played: 8

- with Guardian Spears

The unit of these on the right flank was wiped out but not before killing a battlesuit or two, while the unit on the left flank moved up to claim an objective for me... troops... what more do you need from them? 

- with Sentinel Blades & Storm Shields

Unit of three of these camped an objective in my backfield in cover and didnt really have much to do or worry about

-Mixed Two Shields + Guardian Spear

My now favoured mix, gives them some decent tanking ability without inflating the costs too much

Vertus Praetors

Games Played: 23
These guys were a shining light in both my games, not as devastating as I hoped in their second game, but there is obviously some sense in target selection as they didnt do so well against an undamaged Stormsurge... or rather they barely scratched it... it didnt hurt them! Third time out and these guys took the brunt of the enemies first round of shooting. Two thirds of the squad killed in the first round of shooting... I really need to figure out a more effective defence for them! 

They have only really come good in the last few games as I have improved my ability to move and position them so they take less incoming fire. That is key, while they are durable, even with -1 to hit, they will be the focus of 2,000 points of shooting!