The Recent Loot....

Its that time of year, I get another year older, the family gives me some money, the wife lets me spend some more... and suddenly I go from having a small painting queue to something quite different. 

Now not all of these are birthday items... but this is my current painting back log.

Ultramarines - Christmas and a local trade deal
5 Bolt Rifle Intercessors
5 Stalker Bolt Rifle Intercessors
5 Hellblasters
3 Inceptors
1 Sergeant Chronos (both parts)
1 Chief Librarian Tigurius
1 Captain with Jump Pack
1 Company Ancient
1 Chapter Ancient

Adeptus Custodes
5 Custodian Guard
5 Custodian Wardens
2 Allarus Custodians
1 Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Terminator Armour
1 Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike
5 Vertus Praetors

10 Necron Immortals
5 Lych Guard
1 Cryptek
3 Wraiths

Sepulchral Guard (7 Skeletons)

10 Escher Gangers - to be fair probably gonna look at selling these for the Van Saar when they arrive! 
6 Goliath Gangers
4 pieces of Terrain

Time to get a shifting on these!