Relic Sicaran Battle Tank

This guy has been finished for a while, and I do keep debating tweaking it (I think the white would be better served as a blue or maybe Gold in line with the 2nd Company markings. 

No Transfers applied to it at this time (because I am debating the colours as mentioned above), but then I would like to add some transfers to the model.

This guy is built for maximum firepower as I have found that multiple shots are better than less... it might take 6 successful hits and wounds from a heavy bolter to do the same damage as a maximum roll lascannon hit, but its also easier for them to make that one off save.

Nothing spectacluar in the paint job here, its a clean model, it hasnt been in the grit and dirt of war yet (which is how I generally like my models). 

So far it has been highly successful in the games I have played, racking up some decent outcomes from drawing charges to knocking out a target at range.