Garrek's Reavers - Shadespire

These guys have been completed for a few months, but its only really now that I have put the time in to get some photos of them. 

Other than the large amount of skin (that I am still working on getting a good technique for) they were enjoyable to paint. 

I do love how dynamic all of these guys are as well. 

They really look like they are in the middle of a fight! 


Thor said…
Well done. It's a great looking group you've got. I just got mine painted as well, and the dynamic poses (as you said), really made them a ton of fun to paint.
Kraggi said…
Thank you, love the Shadespire models for how dynamic they are. Still not sold on their playstyle yet, but I think thats all down to practise.
Thor said…
I've had good luck playing with them, but I know many aren't huge fans of them. A good deck really helps them out. Mine consists purely of killing things (or dying), and no objectives. Use the weaker guys to protect the strong, or sacrifice themselves to get the warband inspired. It's kind of like a game of Chess with them.
Kraggi said…
Its probably mostly down to the lack of games of Shadespire, I am barely in double digits for games played, and all bar 1 have been with the reavers vs Stormcasts.

Its interesting for sure I just need more opponents!