That T'au Commander Change

Ok so everyone seems to be talking about this, with the community (at least the vocal online community) at least a little bit divided by this change. 

Here is my tuppenceworth....

The idea behind this is a good change, no-one really likes playing armies that Spam one unit or one HQ choice over another. Even people that play as those armies don't really like playing against a Mirror match of them. 

I think the princple behind this is a good one.


I think that this change isn't quite right. After several debates on Facebook & Twitter I have a new suggestion, and one that I emailed to the (and if you like it I think its worth more of us doing so). 

This rule should read: 

If you are playing a matched play game, then in a Battle-forged army, you are limited to the a number of commanders equal to the number of detachments you can take. 

Now maybe the wording needs some work, but the aim of this is to say that in a 2,000 point game you are allowed upto 3 Detachments. So you would also be allowed upto 3 Commanders. They could be one in each Detachment, or all 3 in one Detachment.

It has the same affect as the rule above, but increases the flexibility for the T'au players in how they build their army - no additional Taxes to take those Commanders. 

I also think and hope that this is something we see coming for other armies, as I don't think that spamming a HQ unit is something that works in matched play (Power Level - ok, Narrative - Hell yes!), and that said I would see the following units needing this:

Tyranids - Hive Tyrants
Custodes - Shield-Captains
Grey Knights - Grandmasters
Chaos Space Marines - Daemon Princes
Chaos Daemons - Daemon Princes

Potentially controversial, but I think seeing this for other armies, and a tweak to the wording would work much better than the current wording, while having pretty much the same effect.

What do you think?