Necrons... renanimation protocol activated

So... Necrons. 

The recent Warhammer Community posts have really got me excited for the metal menace again. 

So before I get to posting much about them, here are few snaps of the army that was, the colour scheme and how many models I used to have

And yes I say used to have, I sold them all when I got out of 40k back mid 6th Edition or maybe very late 6th Edition. 

The last scheme was a dry brushed effect with not a lot of metal on it.

The Tomb Spyder below, bought just before 8th came out shows the scheme I am thinking about. Still very desert tomb kings style, but without the dry brush, and followed by Nuln oil.

I look to have secured my next set of Necron models with the half set of Forgebane, that provides a nice patrol detachment. 

I will have to decide whether I want to do Lychguard or Paretorians... or if I want to convert some to Crypteks (how I did this last time), and with the Necron getting started box being revamped there is some real potential I think for this army.

It will typically mean that justas I am looking at getting in to Custodes my focus is going to be split or shifted at least.