Daily Terrain Piece 15 - 21

So in Reverse order! 

Day 21:

The yellow here doesnt really look like it's too well painted on, and I dont mind that, as mentioned before these are meant to be bits of wreckage that are either worn, or repainted by the gangs that take over any given area. 

They need markings, not perfection! 

Day 20:

A pretty basic bulkhead, including a yellow door, Nuln oil and the rust effect do most of the work here! 

Day 19:

Another door control panel, straight forward and simple, as you may notice a number of the flooring bases are going to have yellow markings on! 

Day 18:

Maybe this should be called the day of the yellow? More yellow on this one, obviously the ganger that did it has spent a lot of time getting all of this bulkhead painted! 

Day 17:

A change before I went into all that yellow, blue bulkhead, red door again simple works really well on these and just painting them makes a big difference! 

Day 16:

I do love my Barricades... I only have 9 but am debating another box for another 18 to paint... they are small and straightforward and very fun to paint I find! 

Day 15:

An unclaimed bulkhead... some piping, but mainly just bare metal here!