Custodes Stratagems Thoughts

Custode Stratagems:

Here are some of my favourites and ones that I think I will be using every game:

This one has been talked about a fair bit, but it allows you to be a bit reckless with your Warlord, with a view that you can get him back again.... technically as you get access to this via a Custodes detachment it might mean you can use this to make a Custodes your Warlord, even if a Custodes wasn't your Warlord at the beginning of the game. 

I see this being something that I use quite often with the Allarus Terminators, better of course if you have a larger unit of them (for those extra shots), but the ability to land and snipe out that Chapter / Company Ancient before you hit any Hellblasters / Devastators / Aggressors can't be under estimated. 

Split fire, split fire! If you drop down a unit of 5 Allarus Custodians, you can do this to 5 separate units really setting yourself up for a decent charge phase.

Not so hot against Vehicles - although that makes sense, but used well this should put you in a strong place! 

It isn't something that persists until your opponents shooting phase unfortunately, but you could cripple a deep striking unit that arrives within 12" of your Custodes if you used Ever Vigilant as well (although at that point it ups the CP cost to 3!)

A go to, want those Dawnstars in the enemy deployment before they can be shot at? This is the way to go with it! I also like the idea of a Dreadnought appearing 9" away from the enemy! 

One of my favourites and reasons for collecting these guys... I totally want to do a list with 10 of these boys on the table, and then be able to play this for amusement, and they are pretty effective individual units as well! Able to effectively threaten squads of models all the way upto Tanks with a Castellan Axe. 

For 2 CP, this is outstanding, in one turn alone it could save you 3 command points, and better than that it allows those re-rolls all in the same phase! I didnt rate this to begin with, but in hindsight I think its worth considering quite seriously, if you had points to burn then you could use this several times... it doesnt say you can't use it more than once per game!