On the Painting / Modelling Table

I managed to snaffle not only a box of the Allarus Custodes (finally!), but I also got a batch of the Dark Imperium Marines - minus the Characters. 

You can see the 15 guys I have assembled so far, 5 Hellblasters, 5 Stalker Intercessors & 5 Bolt Rifle Intercessors.

This will give me a full 10 man unit of Hellblasters, a 10 man Bolt Rifle squad, a 5 man Bolt Rifle Squad, a 5 man Stalker Bolt Rifle squad and a 10 man Auto Bolt Rifle squad - 40 Primaris so moving towards that full company I didnt realise I needed in my life!

The conversions - only around 7 or so across all 15 models were pretty simple. The above model I use as a Sergeant in one of my current 5 man squads, but I love it so much that I wanted to make him a little different - so he now has one of the Upright Bolt Rifles from the Intercessor squad box, and is holding a bolt pistol as well.

My Squad of Stalker Intercessors are all converted using parts from the Intercessor box, none of them have their helmets on - unusual for me, but going down the route of trusting their own eyes above and beyond that of their Helmets.... a little bit quirky for the 13th Legion, but I am sure I can fluff this out for them as we go. 

As you can see, one of the challenges with this 15 man unit was that I only got bases for 5 of them, which mean the random Flames of War infantry bases I had in my bits box got cut up so I could get the guys on some form of base, and to increase the contact points when I attach them to the wooden laser cut bases I have spare. 

I also spent some time getting a few more bits of Scatter terrain sorted out for Necromunda - or deadzone should I ever crack open that rulebook again! 

These should help block line of sight nicely and provide some cool pieces to be running around in game! 

Finally a slightly brighter model, the first Custode I have put brush and paint to, I am going for a relatively straight forward scheme, red gems, green eagle and a blue plume, along with some of the edges brought out with Silver. 

Plently more to do on him but moving him along and I look forward to seeing how he goes as he has been pretty fun so far!