Daily Terrain Piece (Day 1 - 3)

Thanks to one of the people I follow on Twitter, I decided that the way to enhance my games of Necromunda properly was to actually paint the Terrain, and given that i got the boxed game and an extra set of the Bulkheads, I have a chunk of Terrain to paint! 

So I set myself the daily Necromunda Terrain challenge.... not quite as catchy as the Daily Poxwalker that inspired it, but it helped never the less. 

Now first things first, I am not the most skilled painted (as some of you who follow me regularly will be able to see). I think I can paint decent looking armies for the table top, but dont expect to win any awards... nor do I really want you to inspect them too closely! 

Secondly I knew I would struggle to actually just paint on bit of terrain per day, so instead I decided that I would ensure I completed one a day, an then post it to twitter.

The picture below shows the bits I was progressing when I started this, although they will then be split out into the ones I complete each day.

Day 1

So first up, a simple barricade, two doors positioned together and riddled with bullet indents. 

I went for some bright colours, and if nothing else has been shown by the gangers we all see over the years, they do like their brighter colours

The basis of this was a spray of Leadbelcher, a wash of Nuln Oil, then the colours being added, then back over it with a wash of Nuln oil, followed by Agathrax Earthsade around the nuts & hinges, finished off with Ryza Rust over the bolts. 

I quite like how this looks, I didnt highlight any of the pieces at all, and might try that out on the duplicate that I have, although I think this works quite nicely as some battered pieces of metal that a Ganger will hide behind! 

As a final note I used some of the squad markings from a space marine transfer kit to add door numbers, just a small think but I think it helps them look like they used to serve a purpose, where they doors to hab blocks, living areas or storage units? 

Day 2

Day 2 saw me painting up another barricade, one colour this time.

I think I might have gone a bit heavy on the rust it doesn't look too bad, but going to try it a little light for the future

This did get some highlighting on the purple, which adds a nice touch, overall very happy again!

Day 3

A door, I really like this door way, and can see me having several different designs (you may be able to see an alternative in the top picture)

For this one I went for a basic leadbelcher undercoat, followed by Red Core for the bulk head, with some yellow & blue added in for the cables under the terminal & the buttons. 

After that had dried I then went for a Nuln Oil wash, followed by Agathrax earth shade wash around the bolts and cogs, with a final light dry brush of Ryza Rust to show its age. 

 As a final touch I added some rust effect to the centre of the portal & around the circular bar outside it. 

Overall very happy with my Day 3 output as well!