2000 Points of Ultramarines

So with my  attendance to the Grand Tournament in May looking more likely its time to begin considering how I do better there, than I did here.

My answer...

Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment

Roboute Guilliman - Warlord - Adept of the Codex

Spearhead Detachment (+1 CP)
Chief Librarian Tigurius - Smite, Might of Heroes, Null Zone,

Hellblasters, 5, Assault Plasma Incinerators
Devastator Squad, 5, Missile Launcher x 3, Heavy Bolter x 1
Devastator Squad, 5, Missile Launcher x 3, Heavy Bolter x 1

Razorback, Stormbolter, Twin Heavy Bolters
Razorback, Stormbolter, Twin Lascannon
Repulsor, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, Stormbolters x 3, Fraglaunchers x 2, Kraklaunchers x 2, Ironhail Heavy Stubber

Vanguard Detachment (+1 CP)
Techmarine, Chainsword, Servo Arm

Mortis Contemptor, Kheres Assault Cannon x 2
Mortis Contemptor, Twin Lascannon x 2
Reiver Squad, 5, Bolt Carbines x 5, Grav Chute x 5

Total Points: 1999
Command Points: 8
Drops: 7 (6 in a pinch)

This list offers me a few different options to the one I took last time.

It still centres around Roboute Guilliman as the lynch pin, but instead of investing nearly 500 points in one model with no Invulerable save (the Spartan), it spreads them across most of the Vanguard Detachment.

I am 2 Lascannons down in this list vs the one with the Spartan, but I am able to split my Lascannons into three targets not two. I also gain 12 shots from the Kheres Assault Cannons on one of my Mortis Dreadnoughts.

The Reivers are likely to operate out on their own, with the main thing I need them to do being assault the enemy back lines and tie up their heavy shooting if possible. Not so hot again models with the Fly keyword (like Eldar), but significantly more useful against say Guard!

Its more drops (up from 3 to 6/7) which is pretty big, but equally it reduces the chance of my opponent wiping out 500 points of my army in one volley.