The Weekend of Hobby

For the first time in a while I managed to get my Hobby Desk sort of cleared, and my backlog of models to paint out on it (there are over 60 in various stages of completion.

Ranging from just needs extra flock adding to the base (Tartaros Terminators), to needs an undercoat (Escher Gang) and a whole range in between. 

I did get paint onto about 50 of them and if I can maintain that rate I should be posting some completed model pictures again shortly. 

However we also had a swap shop on at the Club this weekend, and I snaffled three whitemetal Marines. 

Two from Calgars command squad, and one Space Marine Commander. 

So this was my first attempt at the Space Marine Captain, thinking that a Chainsword or power fist might be interesting.. he has since has the chainsword removed and replaced - pictures to follow! 

This guy is a beast, and a fabulous model, he will be my Company Ancient (rather than Chapter Ancient) mainly due to the lack of options for a Chapter Ancient.

Not playing the role of an honour guard, this guy has been kitted out with a Jump pack for some extra ability to move, and to give me an option for bringing a captain in to support my deep striking forces. 

These guys I got for Christmas, Chronus and Tigurius, finally they are moving towards being assembled, and therefore paintable! 

And my Mortis Contemptor converted from the Betrayal at Calth, at least this means I don't have three of the same Contemptor model now!