Dark Millenium 5 - The Army Selection Rules

So below are the restrictions for the tournament I am attending at the beginning of Feb, and this is what i need to change my list to adhere to, the biggy (from my GT list) is that i cannot take two Super Heavy Auxiliary detachments, so that means I can either Drop Guilliman or the Spartan, or try and shoe horn in a Supreme command - requiring me finding the points for three extra HQ's above and beyond the one I have! 

At the moment the army list writing is fun, and I hope to have some ideas to post soon, but what do you think of these rules? 

What can I include in my army?
For this event, armies should be no greater than 2000 points in size. Your army should follow the below:

  • Sourcebooks allowed, include dataslates from the following indexes: Imperium 1, Imperium 2, Chaos, Xenos 1, Xenos 2. In addition, all Codices released up until the list submission date will also be allowed. You MUST use the latest version of a dataslate, if one has been provided in a new publication such as an 8th edition codex
  • Your army must be battle-forged
  • When determining which points to use when building your army, you should always use the latest source (this may be FAQs in some cases, or in Chapter Approved 2017 in others).
  • The additional faction materials, such as relics, traits and stratagems provided in Chapter Approved are allowed
  • Forge World units are allowed this year (use the appropriate entries from their respective index or Chapter Approved) – but limited to a total of 750 points
  • You may include up to 3 detachments in your army (with no duplicates). 
  • All models in your army must share at least 1 faction keyword, and all models in a detachment must share at least 1 faction keyword

What other restrictions/rules are in effect?
The following rules will also be in effect for the event:

  • All Games Workshop FAQs released before the event will be in use. In the event of an FAQ release on the day, this will be disregarded.
  • Understrength units can be fielded, but only as part of an Auxiliary Support Detachment
  • An enemy CHARACTER with less than 10 wounds can only be targeted if it is both visible to the firer and it is the closest enemy model to the firer. This means that if any other enemy model is closer, whether it is visible or not, then the enemy CHARACTER cannot be targeted.
  • You cannot use the Command Re-roll Stratagem to affect Mission dice rolls. Mission dice rolls include any dice rolls that are made before the battle begins (such as those that determine who chooses deployment zones or who gets the first turn), those that must be made at the end of a battle round (such as rolls that determine if the battle ends) or any rolls that determine how many victory points are awarded to a player.
  • When determining which player controls an objective marker, exclude all units that have the Flyer Battlefield Role – these units can never control objective markers
  • You may field any unpainted models if you wish. However, for every squad that is not fully painted (3 colours and based), your opponent receives a bonus of 2 command points per unit

Additional Rules
During the tournament, the following Stratagems will be available to all players, using the usual
matched play restrictions. Copies of these will be provided in your rules pack at registration.

  • Experimental Stimulants – 1CP – Use on a CHARACTER who has 6 or less starting wounds who suffers at least one mortal wound in a single attack. The mortal wounds inflicted for this attack are ignored, however the character will then suffer 1 mortal wound at the end of every battle round for the remainder of the game.
  • Psychic Conduit – 1CP – Use before a Deny the Witch test – you may add D3 to your deny score for this test.
  • Blinding Advance – 2CP – Use on a unit which is about to advance. This unit rolls 3D6 for its advance move, and selects the highest dice to use. If it has a set advance move, it adds 2” to its advance movement instead.
  • Deadly Accuracy – 3CP – Use on any non VEHICLE unit which is about to make a shooting attack.For this phase, this unit’s shooting attacks have -1AP in addition to any other bonuses they already have
  • Supreme Tactics –4CP- Use when deploying a unit in reserve at the start of the game. This unit may be held in reserve beyond battle round 3. Note, this cannot be used on a unit which has the TRANSPORT keyword, or any other rule which allows it to assist other units in deploying in reserve style fashion.
  • Insatiable Bloodlust –5CP- Use on any unit other than a CHARACTER that is about to declare a charge. That unit may re-roll its charge distance, reroll failed hits, and re-roll failed wounds during the entire fight phase.

Warlord Traits
The following warlord traits may be used during the tournament. You may select freely from this list, but the trait must be listed on your army list when it is submitted. These do NOT replace the traits in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, they are provided as an optional extra.

  1. Imposing Force - Enemy units within 12” of your warlord suffer -1 to their leadership
  2. Battle-Hardened Veteran - Your warlord’s starting wounds are increased by 1. Lords of War may not select this warlord trait.
  3. Quick Witted - Your warlord always fights first in the fight phase. Usual restrictions regarding charging etc still apply
  4. Commanding Presence - While your warlord is alive and on the table, every time you spend command points (whether 1 or many), on a 6+ you gain 1 CP
  5. Personal Cadre - Choose any INFANTRY unit. As long as your warlord is within 3” of this unit, that unit is immune to Morale tests.
  6. Master of Distraction - Once per battle only. Choose a friendly unit within 3” of your warlord that has been charged successfully. The charging unit must re-roll that charge (both dice). If that unit has a re-roll, both of these re-rolls cancel each other out.