Allarus Custodes

So for the first time since 8th came out I have pre-ordered a unit that is being released, normally I wait, and figure out what I want to buy, but these guys have me suckered in already. 

Absolutely love the helmeted version and as I can have all three with Helmets, I don't see any reason why I wont! 

The detail looks very nice, and this codex is looking like my second serious army in 8th (with a DG experiment maybe coming in third).

All in all I can see this being an interesting force to play, although potentially very difficult to learn. For now I am thinking that an Allarus unit plus HQ choice for a patrol detachment might be the way to go in my competitive list for access to the Stratagems and for a powerful unit to land and threaten the enemy rear positions! 


Syndicast said…
I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers the helmeted look.
Kraggi said…
Yeah, generally helmets are my preference on my armour models - I don't really get this single point of failure of not wearing one, I mean faces can be cool and all, but helmets are generally more menacing!
Gareth Richards said…
Could you let me know if there are of a smaller scale than the current custodes. I heard rumours that they stand shorter.

Kraggi said…
@Gareth Richards

Assuming my FLGS gets its order in this week (which unfortunately has been a challenge) I should have one of them assembled, and can borrow some custodes / primaris / normal sm to do a comparison post!
Kraggi said…
Challenges in getting the models to arrive at my FLGS has meant no size pictures, but I promise they will be put up when I can!