Necromunda Unboxing

So I recently got my hands on the latest edition of Necromunda, here are some quick unboxing snaps.

When you take the top off you are greeted with the usual mass of sprues, and some  nice Orange templates... although I have to admit I still have about ten of each! 

Six sprues in total are included

Removing the sprues and you can see the pack of cards, dice and model bases.

The tiles are neatly shrinkwrapped and look pretty awesome as well.

As is the rulebook --- somehow two days on and I have still avoided removing the shrink wrap while I prep the rest of the box!

You also get a very nice guide to how to assemble the models, what it doesnt cover is the mass of spares you get (something I will go into, in another post!

Pulling out the terrain, and i thought it would be worth comparing some of the old style bulkheads that you got in the original Necromunda to the newer ones. 
The difference is obvious with an overall shorter height and wider body. 

This time its looking at the old bulkheads next to the barricades, really for some scale and perspective. 

Finally a poor example of how to paint Goliath models from what back when (I still have about 10 of the plastic guys!) to give you an idea of the scale creep for these new guys. 

Overall very happy with this, and looking forward to getting them assembled and hitting the table top!