“The Bolter and The Blade” Part 1

A Guest post from Garviel

Today you get a break from Kraggi and the Smurfs as we discuss my latest idea/project.

First up a little bit of background, in 25+ years of playing 40k and then 30k I have only ever used one army. Sure some of the models have changed over the years but each successive generation have all been the same army.

The VII Legion
The Imperial Fists
The Sentinels of Terra
The Emperors Praetorians
The Wall

However with the advent of the 8th Edition of 40k I have been assessing various options and decided it’s time to mix it up a little and am going to start a new project I call: The Bolter and The Blade.

In a massive departure from my beloved taciturn, stoic and immovable Imperial Fists I am going to build….. a combined Imperial Fist and Black Templar army

That’s right – ultra militant warrior monks on top of the stubborn yellow , xenos hating sons of Dorn

The Fists will become my walking wall of Bolter fire combined with the precision strike from The Blade, a deep striking force of Black Templars delivering a killing blow. Hence the name “The Bolter and The Blade”

Keep an eye out for army lists, progress reports and the inevitable derision when I attempt to paint.