Codex Space Marines - Ultramarine Tactical Squads Tactics

16 games in, and three with my new Shiny Ultramarines I thought it was time to get some pen to paper as such. 

My aim will be to write a series of articles detailing what I have found. 

Inspired by another blogs post on the Inceptors, although I am not starting with the Inceptors just yet, instead lets look at the trusty Tactical Squad.

These guys are the workhorse of most Space Marine Chapters, and absolutely deserve some attention in mixed Primaris / Standard armies as well. 

I tend to run them in this format:

Sergeant - Combi Weapon / Bolt Pistol

Marine 1 - Boltgun
Marine 2 - Boltgun
Marine 3 - Boltgun
Marine 4 - Boltgun
Marine 5 - Boltgun
Marine 6 - Boltgun
Marine 7 - Boltgun
Marine 8 - Boltgun
Marine 9 - Plasma Gun / Flamer
Marine 10 - Missile Launcher / Heavy Bolter

Total Points: 183 / 164

While it lacks the additional 10 wounds of the Primaris Marines, it does pack in Two Plasma Guns and a Missile Launcher, or a plasma gun, heavy bolter & flamer.

The Plasma Guns have been written about by a lot of people, and generally these guys are going to bring back the points they cost, even if its just in drawing enemy fire. 

The Missile Launcher no longer makes you feel like the unit shouldn't move, and has the potential to throw out significantly more shots than a Heavy Bolter, but the Bolter saves you the cost of a marine vs the Missile Launcher

It also grants you access (as long as you have at least one of these), to use the Flakk Missile Stratagem for 1 Command Point, while the Heavy Bolter grants you Hellfire shells. 

+1 to hit so moving and doing it is't that bad, and if it hits, then it causes D3 mortal wounds against a target with the Fly Key word, Hellfire shells are a one shot that if it hits cause D3 mortal wounds

In Matched play you might only be able to use this once per game turn, but its awesome for threatening or finishing off those pesky Jump Pack Units, Flyers or Characters that can fly. 

They get the Objective Secured, and the ability at 10 strong to split into two 5 man squads (again at the cost for 1 Command Point) should the need arise. 

Given how many 2 Damage (or more) weapons there are out there, they arent as much less survivable vs Primaris marines as people might think.

Their ability to use more than 1 transport gives them plenty of options as well! 

Overall I feel these guys still have a key role to play in Space Marine armies, however I also don't think that you should limit yourself to only Old style, or Primaris marines as you are missing out on a chunk of tactical options if you don so!