Chapter Approved thoughts (Part II)

The second part in my quick fire analysis (less quickfire this time though!) of the soon to be released Chapter Approved book.

All of my comments are based on the Warhammer Community posts and the few rumours I have run into - I generally dont go looking for rumours!


This can only be a good thing, Relics, Warlord Traits & Stratagems for the above factions. I get that its not the same as their own Codex, but by doing this it brings them that tiny bit closer to being updated. 

The real key bit to this is if any of these 11 factions need this again next year, although given that GW managed 10 Codexes in 6 months we can be hopeful that 11 in 12 is still doable for them! 

We don't have much detail, but I know that at least some of these Stratagems are gonna make people unhappy (the latest I saw was the Ork one allowing the unit extra shots on a 6+ dice roll, and it being compared to the Tyranid one that allows the unit to shoot again (something that lets be honest all armies in the game would likely benefit from!)

As I would like to look at Necron force in the next few years it will be interesting to see where and how they are going with them. 

Matched Play

The main bit I am buying Chapter approved for (and potentially the same reason a lot of you are as well). 

Points updates, something that we usually only see every 2-3 years (or longer!) we are now getting updates for everyone model in the game that needs it.

There have been some leaks of course, but the confirmed ones that are increasing Guilliman, the Saint and Cawl are all welcome news. 

It will be interesting to see what else happens with rumours of prices on Stormravens (which are still very good, even with the Boots on the ground rule!) and their weapons will have an additional impact.

Perhaps the best bit of news is that the Forgeworld Indices are receiving price tweaks as part of Chapter approved, this leaves me a little bit in fear of my Spartan Assault tank becoming unplayable, but leaves me with a happy feeling overall as it shows they have been paying attention (even if its just to the bottom line of number of models sold).

The rules changes are welcome as is the tweak to targeting characters (not that we know the specifics yet!)


The battlezone bits that have been teased have already given me some good ideas for our charity tournament next year, some form of warpstorm that effects all tables providing the same buff or debuff to all players.

This will of course imbalance the game significantly in some imstances one way or another, but its a charity event so it really should be pretty fun. 


I am very very happy this is arriving, its time to figure out when it arrives vs my tournament and the impact its going to have!