Chapter Approved thoughts (Part I)

 Chapter Approved, we've known it was coming for a long time, and this week Games Workshop have continued to drip feed us what it will contain.

So far it has me pretty excited!

Vehicle Design Rules

This intrigues me but isnt something I expect to take use a lot, Open play is something that I think can be very fun, but generally the time constraints I have on my hobby time mean I want to play matched play as its easy to know how long one of those games will take.

That said the idea of a landraider as shown above is pretty awesome, and I expect I will mess around with designing some interesting tanks - looking at you Repulsor!


Like Open Play, Apocalypse is one of those things thats great to look at doing, but perhaps not as amazing to play through.

I think providing some guidelines and missions to help people playing this is a good thing as its another aspect of the hobby.

I will read through these rules to figure out what I like or don't like, but I think that Apocalypse will work better with some form of command points that allow you to activate a certain number of units per turn etc, sitting for upwards of an hour being shot at and assaulted is not that fun, speeding it up by allowing alternative activations of chunks of the army is probably a better idea.


This does excite me, having had fun writing my own missions for a tournament recently I look forward to yet more inspiration and ideas going forward, anything new and interesting can only add to the game we all love! 

Next time my thoughts on the Faction Rules & Matched Play changes!