Attending Tournaments

So some quick thoughts and questions about attending a 40k tournament (they may apply to other events as well).

What are your thoughts on:
  1. Submitting army lists prior to the tournament
  2. Submitting Psychic Powers prior to the tournament
  3. Selecting Stratagems prior to the tournament
  4. Selecting Relics prior to the tournament
  5. Selecting your Warlord trait prior to the tournament
Of course for all tournaments you need to have a written army list that you can use as your baseline, but with 8th Edition there are a lot of choices where you get to pick subtle little things that can have a pretty serious impact on your game plan.

Now some of these I think should just be fixed, things like the Relic & Stratagems should be locked down and not subject to change.

However I can totally see that people might want to tweak Psychic powers or Warlord traits (although that likely favours the armies with codexes that have been released already). 

Some tournaments I have been to ask for lists to be submitted, while others don't. Having just been involved in a tournament where we asked for this, we already know we need to change the approach for the future. 

The number of different formats that people sent in, the challenge of confirming the points for all of them has been a massive pain in the ass!

Something for the future will be working on a quick and easy spreadsheet that allows me to dump in the submitters army list and confirm the price its meant to be, something slightly easier to do that in than Quartermaster or other online builders.

Overall it would be good to see and hear what others thing of the points listed at the beginning of the post! 


Anonymous said…
I like the idea of submitting army lists prior to the event allows them to be checked etc.

Psychic Powers and Warlord traits i guess it depends on whether the TO allows them to be picked or makes it that they are rolled for in front of the opponent.

Kraggi said…
The challenge for me about allowing people to roll for this is the time it takes up.

It should be quick, it should be painless, but when you have people taking over 2 and a half hours to play a 2k game, I am looking for all the time savings I can get.