So by now you should all have heard about Shadespire, and seen the pre-orders that are up on the GW website. 

My FLGS mentioned this to me when I was last in saying they were debating getting it in, and me being the guilliabl.... I mean interested in GW products went and had a look at the White Dwarf, and at a video of the game from miniwargamers.

So yes I have dropped in some images from around the web about Shadespire, this game looks like an interesting blend of magic the gathering and a minatures game. 

Without any cards you could still play something of this, but with the cards you get some interesting deck building options to suit your play style. 

The starting box seems like a decent price point at £40 and each faction released there after looks to be around £20, basically making it something quite affordable that the wife will likely let me keep picking up every month or so. 

The game looked fast, and the video showed it being played through in 30 minutes, and that can only get faster the more you play and know your deck / cards. 

It does also look like you need to know your opponents deck and options as well.

I expect to pick this up (if I can sell those unwanted models I have!), and when I do you should begin to see me painting these guys up, as this looks to be a game designed for you to pick up all the Warbands as they come out to give you some real options!