Shadespire - First play through

So Dragkon and I managed our first game(s) of shadespire.

To begin with we played the intro version (seen above) which lasts about 10 minutes and gets you to grips with the basics. 

For the second game we played out a full game, cards and all! 

Even reading the rules around playing and me eating it took us well under an hour, and I can easily see it dropping to the 30 minutes play time I have seen mentioned with practise. 
While a lot of the game we played was impacted by the cards, the positioning of the models on the table top had a massive impact as well.

Denying combat, or multiple combats to enemies and reducing the amount of support your opponents could get.
Getting that first blow in is great if it lets you kill an opponent, but if all it does is set you up so the enemy can charge you and then get a lot of attacks, it can easily risk your character's continued existence. 
The glory points worked well, and there aren't that many tokens despite what can be a slightly intimidating sheet of them when you get into the box. 

All in all I am very excited about the expansions for this, and the gameplay has so far just reinforced that excitement!