Salamanders vs Ultramarines 2000 points, Battle Report

Spoils of War
Dawn of War Setup
Salamanders have first turn

The Salamander Force

The Ultramarine Force


Deployment Overview

Turn 1,

Not much in the way of movement from the Salamanders, their intercessors on my right flank advanced to the objective, while the Stormraven and both Storm Talons flew forward.

The opening round of shooting took 1 wound off my land raider, 2 wounds off my contemptor, 8 wounds off the Repulser and 1 scout from my scout squad.

In my turn I disembarked my Characters, 5 man Intercessors & Hellblasters, my shooting was slightly more effective.

I managed to ding 5 wounds off the nearest Storm Talon, 8 wounds off the Stormraven, and kill 4 hell blasters, 3 scouts and take three wounds off the Vindicare Assassin. The Hellblasters fired at their opposite numbers on overcharge, and killed 4 of them (killing one of their own on a re-roll of a 2!)

What I hadn't realised was how closely I was bunched around my repulsor!

End of Turn 1 VPs: Ultramarines 1-0 Salamanders

Turn 2,

The Salamanders disembarked their Assault Squad & Vulcan to get at my full squad of Intercessors, the Stormraven and both Storm Talons went into Hover mode ready for additional shooting.

When they started shooting the assault squad managed to kill an Intercessor, just before the Stormraven shot at and killed the Repulsor, the Repulsor that then exploded.

That explosion killed:

A 5 man Scout Combat Squad
Killed 1 scout from my already hurt Scout Squad
Killed my Lieutenant outright
Took 4 wounds off my Captain leaving him with 1.
Took 3 wounds off my Librarian leaving him with 1.
Killed an Intercessor and wounded another
Wounded a Plasma Incinerator
Took 4 wounds off my Contemptor
Took 3 wounds off my Landraider

and left a huge fething hole in my battleline, plan and heart!

In the rest of the turn his Intercessors brought my tactical squad down to 3 guys, killed my contemptor and put another wound on the Landraider. He then charged my Intercessors with his Tactical Squad, killing 1 in turn for 2 of his guys being killed.

In my turn 2, I ended up taking a few risks with my Landraider prepping it to split its firepower, while positioning it to charge the Assault marines (mainly to allow my characters a free run into the combat.)

The Intercessors with Auto Boltguns retreated from combat to surround Vulcan.

In the Psychic phase I case Smite, and threw might of the ancients on my landraider.

My shooting killed the Stormraven, took 6 guys off the assault squad, reduced the nearest Storm Talon to 1 wound and killed a scout.

In combat the Landraider, Captain & Librarian charged the Assault squad, while the three tactical squad guys charged the Storm Talon on the right, while the Storm Talon in the centre took a charge from my Intercessors & Hellblasters

The Assault squad died to a man against my Characters, while the Intercessors killed the Storm Talon before the Hellblasters could strike.

On the far right the Sergeant & Lone Plasma Gunner managed to take 4 wounds off the Storm Talon reducing it to 1 wound.

The Salamanders managed to get my Defend Objective 3 as well this turn!

End of Turn: Ultramarines 3 - Salamanders 5

Turn 3:
It turned out this was our last game, too long spent setting up and helping my opponent get his head back into playing 40k.

In this turn Vulcan bypassed the Intercessors to allow him to make a run for my Characters, while his lone Storm Talon moved up to deal with my Landraider.

His Intercessors on the right stayed put to gun down my two remaining Tactical marines, while the Tactical Squad on my left moved up to shoot at my Intercessors.

In the shooting phase his Storm Talon managed to take 3 more wounds off my Landraider bringing it below half health, Vulcan killed a Hellblaster opening the way for a charge on the Librarian, and the Tactical marines on the left killed one of the advancing Intercessors.

In combat Vulcan charged my Librarian (and I Stupidly!) decided to Heroicly Intervene with my Captain... Q Vulcan back handing my captain - who only failed 1 save to be fair, and scoring Slay the Warlord and a Objective for killing my Warlord too!

My Librarian failed to hurt Vulcan on the response as he passed all three of his Invulnerable saves.

My turn started and I moved the Landraider up, got the Intercessors in position to charge the tacticals,  while moving the Hellblasters into position and the remaining 2 Intercessors from the 2nd squad.

In the psychic phase I used Smite & Null Zone to knock his Invul off and take Vulkan down to 1 wound.

My shooting phase eventually killed him when the Landraider dropped both the Storm Talon and Vulcan.

The Intercessors on the left managed to knock out 2 tactical marines from shooting before charging and killing another 1, they fortunately didn't lose any in response.

At the end of the game I managed to claim another objective by having no one in my deployment zone.

Final Score:
Ultramarines 5 - Salamanders 9

Ouch! Closer than it sounded but still some poor decisions let me down!