Rapid Fire 2017 - 34 player tournament

With five games played over two days Rapid Fire is currently the only consistently run two day 40k event in Scotland, and it has been going on for a fair old number of years. 

I was lucky enough to win the event back in 2011, I attended again in 2012 where I managed to finish in 4th place - my regular opponent back then Tom, beast the bejesus out of me in round 2, compared to me beating him in round 4 in 2011. 

Its been 5 years since I was last at Rapid fire, and the game has changed a bit since then, they have dropped one game to allow people travelling home to get away earlier.

The rules pack has some slightly modified rules for picking your armies:

1. All units must share two keywords (with some exceptions like Necrons where this isnt always possible)
2. All armies must use the Battalion formation
3. All armies may used an Auxilary Lord of war formation
4. Forgeworld & Lord of War units may be used, but you may not spend more than 500 points on both of them (i.e 250 on FW + 250 on LoW, or 500 on LoW and 0 on FW).

I have been quite lucky as this meant that the army I want to use at the Grand Tournament Heat 2 in December was perfectly legal, except for the multi-melta on the Spartan - which made it 524 points, thus failing rule 4! 

Since writing the list I had it confirmed that the Adept of the Codex warlord trait wold not work on Command points spent pre battle - one that would be nice to see an FAQ from GW on, but I am happy enough with this list, and think the Chapter Master upgrade will be worth it, maximising the hits from my weapons! 

Anyway, it should be an interesting three games, I know that in round 1 I am facing - as the draw was completed on Thursday for that.

So with those points back, here is the army I am taking;

Keyword - Ultramarines & Imperium
Chapter Tactics - Ultramarines
Command Points - 6 (3 Used)
Total Points - 2,000

Battalion Detachment:

Captain x 1
Bolt Pistol x 2
Power Axe x x 1
Relics - Santic Halo
Stratagem - Chapter Master
Warlord Trait - Adept of the Codex

Lieutenant x 1
Plasma Pistol x 1
Power Maul x 1

Librarian x 1
Stormbolter x 1
Force Sword x 1
Psychic Powers - Smite, Null Zone, Might of Heroes

Tactical Squads x 10
Combi Plasma for the Sergeant x 1
Heavy Bolter x 1
Flamer x 1

Scout Squad x 9
Sniper Rifle x 9
Camo Cloak x 9

Intercessor Squad x 10
Power Sword for the Sergeant x 1
Auxilary Grenade Launcher x 2
Auto Bolt Rifles x 10

Heavy Support
Twin Lascannon x 2
Twin Heavy Bolter x 1
Multi-melta x 1
Hunter-Killer Missile x 1

Dedicated Transport
Repulsor x 1
Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon x 1
Twin Heavy Bolter x 1
Onslaught Gatling Cannon x 1
Ironhail Heavy Stubber x 1
Krakstorm Grenade Launcher x 2
Stormbolter x 3
Fragstorm Grenade Launcher x 2

Lord of War Auxiliary Support
Relic Spartan Assault Tank x 1
Quad Lascannon x 2
Twin Heavy Bolter x 1