Kharadron Overlords - Arknaught Company

So I think I might have finally settled on these guys paint scheme. 

Having painted my Admiral, very gold, the only thing these guys lack is a little bit of gold to help me tie them into him.

I had initially started with a Leadbelcher undercoat, but have since decided that a base coat of Mournfang Brown actually works better to capture their belts & in my mind, leather bits. 

After that its onto Khorne Red for the overalls, and Leadbelcher for the metal components, finally followed by Eschin Grey for the gloves, boots & towel. 

With some greens & blues thrown in for the attachment on their back and the pipes / lenses on their helmet. 

Finally a Nuln  oil wash to tone them down, although I think I will look to add Gold to their shoulders & shin guards... need to test that out to see how it looks! 

Once I have picked my colours & scheme I will make sure I get a painted picture of them!