Blood Bowl - Human Team

Like a few of the people I know locally I picked up the Blood bowl box at release, but havent actually managed another game of it yet!

This hasn't helped by the fact I haven't painted or even look at the models since I got them. I really like the look of the Dwarf team (and potentially a Dark Elf team when its released - my original Blood Bowl faction).

However I think I finally cracked the colour scheme for the humans (meaning the Orks should follow quickly), and now its just a case of getting all 12 players and their tokens painted.

With some luck I might actually be able to seriously consider getting myself the Dwarf team before Christmas... maybe.

Although I also know that with Necromunda round the corner there are more painting challenges ahead!

So below is my custom team for Blood Bowl... now to get them all painted and start on the Orcs!