Space Marine Bike Squad - Complete

I received these guys at Christmas from my Brother, and its only taken me 8 months to get them painted up (this post was planned in late August).

I managed to replace the bodies, Helmets, Shoulder Pads & Backpacks with spares from the numerous MkIV squads I have built, allowing me to keep them in the theme for 30k.

While 30k was my original intention with these guys, I am now looking at another 3 Bikers to add to this squad so that I feel a little more inclined to use them in 40k, Bikes in 8th I havent faced or used yet, but its something I want to keep an open mind on.

The unit has been kitted out with all the extra Gubbins for longer range missions and a power fist to help pack a punch if they need to.

Overall very happy with how these guys have worked out, and look forward to adding some more (at some point) to this squad