Secondary Objective Ideas

So Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker & First Blood have been around for a while. 

As I am getting back into writing out a few tournament packs / missions I thought lets see if we can come up with some new and interesting secondary objectives to spice things up (some of these may just be flat out nicked from 30k missions!

So in doing so I have come up with the following seven so far: 

  • Attrition The side that destroys the most units gains +1 VP
  • Kill the Officers The side that destroys the most Characters gains +1 VP
  • Marked for Death Pick an enemy unit (after deployment) and inform your opponent of your choice, if this unit has been destroyed at the end of the game you gain +1 VP
  • Remove the Support (the side that kills the most Fast Attack, Heavy Support, Flyers & Elite units gains +1VP)
  • Survival (the side with the most units left at the end of the game gains +1 VP)
  • Dominion (the first player to control over half of the objectives at the beginning of their turn gains +1 VP)
  • Kill the... (Big Guns, Fighters, Flyers, Veterans - the player that kills the most of the specificed battlefield role gains +1VP)
  • Intel (select one of your models, this model is carrying secret intel on the enemy movements, if they survive till the end of the battle gain +1VP)

What do you think, good ideas, or just stick with the standard three?