Necromunda Ponderings

Last year we had Blood Bowl, and I bought the game, went ooooh at the models, but ultimately still havent actually put any meaningful paint onto them (they have an undercoat).

Now I get that, as last year I wasnt big on painting, compared to this year where 8th Edition has kicked me into completing well over 100 models! 

I do nee to get the Orks & Humans painted for blood bowl, especially as I actually want to pick up a Dwarf team, but wont until at least one of those teams is painted! 

However Necromunda is rolling closer, and I see this as a must have set for me too. 

Which is a pin, I dont mind the Escher or Goliath, but neither were my faction previously (being more of a Van Saar or Orlock type of guy).

But I know I want the box and what comes with it.... sigh.

So it looks like I may have a couple of gangs that either take a long time to paint, or are up for sale soon after the games release! 

With the Deadzone terrain I have, 3D games is a go from the off, which isn't going to be a bad thing (depending on how the rules adapt to it). 

Or do I wait... pick up the gang I want and then maybe look at a Necromunda set in the future.... decisions, decisions....