Deathguard Codex - what's changed?

Its not really been a long time between the Index & Deathguard Codex release, but lets have a look at what the Deathguard get from this codex vs the Index.

Well as the Warhammer Community previews have shown the Deathward have gone from having only 5 units (in their original Dark Imperium release), upto 15 in the Chaos Index, and now again in their own Codex upto 34 units.

Remember this includes everything from Possessed to Poxwalkers.

From a points stand point where the same unit is available in Codex Chaos Space Marines (i.e Plague Marines) there are no points increases or decreases.

When comparing to the Index Chaos (which is what you would have had to be using with a Deathguard force) the Deathguard have had a points reduction on 9 units, and a points increase on 1 unit. 

Lets start of with the point reductions (as per my last article like this I will be breaking them down to the nearest 5% to avoid infringing any copyrights here!)

Chaos Cultists - have reduced in cost from the Index Chaos, and now are the same points as they are in Codex Chaos Space Marines with a 20% reduction. 

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour - have also reduced in cost from Index Chaos to match the points in Codex CSM with a 15% reduction

Chaos Predator has also had a 10% reduction in line with the Codex CSM changes. 

Next up we have the Defiler with the biggest change of the lot, rocking in at a 30% reduction, alas this only brings it in line with the Codex CSM changes.

At this point its worth confirming that actually the changes are between the index and new codex, not between the codex CSM and Deathward (which if you think about it is a good thing!)

The Lord of Contagion has a 15% reduction, while Plague Marines benefit from a 10% reduction to their base cost. 

Onto the Daemons, and Plaguebearers & Nurglings net around a 10% reduction in points, and the Plague Drones swung a 20% reduction as well! 

From a points increase side of things only Typhus shows an increase and that's only around 5% of his Index price.

All in all Deathguard have gotten cheaper since release so if you have been playing a pure Deathguard squad you can now field another model or two (depending on what exactly you had in your army! 

Next time we will have a quick look at Weapon prices, and my thoughts around a Deathguard army list!