Deathguard - 1st Mini Complete

Some quick snaps of the first test model finished for my deathguard. 

Obviously need to finish the base as well here! 

I have to say that while painting a squad of models that are all different on some level or another is fun, it is certainly more time consuming. 

This guy has his sins covered by an agatrhrax earthshade, but I am hopeful that this will get me firmly on the road for my 40k opponents to my Deathguard (and coincidently leads me to two of the three Primarchs out at this time in 40k)

Comments & Criticism of course are welcome.


Looking good

How are you planning on doing the bases

It is my real struggle point at the moment
Kraggi said…
Hi Dibdab, I plan on doing a gravel style base with some spares grass / snow on it, similar to my ultramarines so they are both based the same.

I basically paint the base Adeptus Grey (I think its called) and then use a grey stone based, followed by static grass, and finally snow, generally I dont worry about drybrushing the bases or anything like that.

Hope that helps!