Ultramarine Captain / Chapter Master

So I finally have this guy based

When I bought him, it was from FW, and he was meant to look something like this...

Now I wasnt too fused about the model or its pose, hence why I went on some simple conversion steps to get me a Chapter Master I was happy with. 

I got the left arm from a Skitari Vaguard kit, the helmet & left shoulder pad from the Ultramaresin Upgrade sprue, and the Power Axe is a very old one from a Chaos Warrior Arm (there was a skull on the back of the hand that I shaved off!

All in all very simple and straight forward conversions that give me a different and unique HQ to lead my army. 

Very happy with how he turned out, even if there are probably better weapon choices for him to have! 

I tend to count the pistol as an Aerotech one for 30k, or a Plasma for 40k - although this will change as it doesnt really look plamsary enough for me!