Space Marine Codex - the point changes from the Indexes...

(Please note to avoid any problems with discussing points in depth here, I am using percentages, and they are rounded to the nearest 5%... sorry guys, but I don't want to peeve em off too much!)

Lets start with the units that had point hikes. 

Centurion Devastators Squads - they had a circa 25% price hike in the latest codex, this is with no change to their weapon options, so lists reliant on these guys are going to have to find additional points to keep them in. 

Thunderfire Cannon - he is sort of the winner & loser here. He has had a 95% point increases, however this is offset by the fact that the Thunderfire cannon has now been reduced by 100% in cost. This nets out at a slight reduction in points

Now, onto the units with point drops... there are 26 of them! 

40% point drop
Sergeant Chronus

35% point drop
Ironclad Dreadnought
Inceptor Squad

30% point drop
The Emperors Champion, Chaplain Cassius, Company Champion, Thunderfire Cannon Gunner

20-25% point drop
Centurion Assault Squad, Techmarine, Attack Bike, Bike Squad, Marneus Calgar

15% point drop
Whirlwind, Sergeant Telion, Vindicator, Captain in Terminator Armour, Land Speeder Storm, Land Speeders

10% or less point drop
Predator, Stalker, Hellblaster Squad, Drop Pod, Scout Bike Squad, Chapter Champion, Librarian in Terminator armour

Now I use a chunk of the models listed here, so my next post is going to be a quick look at how many extra points I have taking into account the new changes that have just hit. 

I think that the drop to the Ironclad will make Dragkon (my brother) pretty happy as he was already discussing using his Stormraven as a dreadnought delivery system, and that price drop is pretty decent!