Recent Purchases - Primaris Style!

Two recent purchases, with a view to the Grand Tournament in December. 

The Repulsor is coming along nicely, with me now needing just to get the weapon choices sorted out and glued, and in honestly this guy is going for Hard Anti-Infantry capability.

I mean I am looking at 36 + 2D6 shots at 18" which should help me thin out those Conscript / Horde mobs that run across the table to me. 

So I wont be magnetising anything of this models bits as I know clearly what and how I will always be using this one, if I decide to go anti tank its going to have to be a second one I pick up (which makes some sense at least!)

Below you can see my planning for the Intercessor squad, they will be rocking around with Auto Bolt Rilfes, for the increase threat at range, and as I have a unit with Boltrifles already. 

So far a fun kit to put together, but looking forward to how they all end up looking in the end, its also my first time using the cork board to help base my models, so that will be fun too!