My Librarian

 A quick post today, this guy I literrally finished gluing as I walked out of the house this morning.

With luck I will get the time to spray him tonight, and maybe even get some paint on him, the tournament doesnt start for 48 hours at least! 

He is the basic SM Librarian you can get from Games workshop, with the left arm cut away from his staff, and the Ultramarines short sword being used as his Force Sword. 

For his right arm I have used a MkIV bolt arm and repositioned the shoulder so it is pointing away from his body rather than to it, I then used one of the SM Upgrade shoulder pads to give him another clear Ultramarine marking.

The Combi Bolter from the Cataphracttic terminators - counting as a Stormbolter, had the terminator hand cut away and replaced with one cut away from the Plasma Pistol from the MKIV kit.

Finally I swapped the head out from the actual model with the bare head from the upgrade kit, Librariaans are the only guys I will accept might need their helmet off to augment their powers (in my head at least).

Now to paint him without rushing him in two nights!