Intercessors Assemble! (Auto Bolt Rifle)

My first full multi part box of the new Intercessors, and I have to say I do like this kit! 

Hands on the bolt rifles and how the arms attach should make it next to impossible to screw up positioning the models (you should see how some of my MkIII guns got glued on!).

The sheer number of spare bits I have left is pretty impressive as well.

Helped at least a little because I used the Ultramarine's upgrade sprue (not the Primaris version though).

The Sergeant looks pretty slick and the helmet doesn't look too out of place (and it keeps him in line with my 30k models and method for denoting the sergeant).

The Auxiliary grenade launchers are nice hefty guns as well.

The only thing left is to grab another Ultramarines upgrade kit to get the two shoulder pads I was short (damn you independent characters for the mis match!) to get these guys fully ready for painting.

Its also my first time using the cork board on the base, so we will see how this all pans out! 

The final thing I am considering on these guys is actually using transfers... something I will need to do some practise on, but hopefully should add a chunk to the unit! 

I have decided (for now) to keep to the 2nd Company theme that my 30k forces have, although I was tempted by 3rd company for a little while.

And before anyone asks it was a conscious decision to go with the Auto Bolt Rifles, I don't have a lot of troops in my planned army list so extra mobility on these guys will help immensely I think! 


Anonymous said…
nice review

so tempted by this box set

but must stay strong for the deathguard release
Kraggi said…
That is a perfectly valid response... however as my Ultramarines need their current arch nemesis to play against.... the Deathguard release is just a slightly delayed purchase!