Grand Tournament Heat 2 - The beginnings of a plan

So this morning I managed to nab myself a ticket to Heat 2 of the UK GT for 40k. I missed out on Heat 3 by minutes only (it was sold out by 8.13am, 13 minutes after going on sale!)

The tournament pack is below

Now its time to plan out how my Ultramarines are going to perform, which really means any an all other tournaments I can attend between now and then will have to be done as practises for this one.

I have Firestorm 2017 coming up in less than a week and Winter War in November before this event, so thats at least two tournaments to test the list out at (although the second of those is truly meant to be a fun event so that might end up with a bit of a laugh).

With what looks to be the end of the Ultramarine / Space Marine releases I am at a point where I can being to consider the list and models I want to use. 

I would love to field a list including Guilliman, the Spartan & Sicaran, those three will lay down a hellf of a lot of shooting, and with Guilliman's re-rolls should be able to do something when they get charged as well! 

It has been 5 years since I last made it down to Lenton and the GW HQ, so I am very excited about this!