Firestorm 2017, post tournament analysis

So three more games down, three very good opponents, one outstanding game, one frustrating game and one embarrassing game (in my head at least)!

First up I played Chaos Daemons, 7 Daemon Princes, The Changling, the Scribes, 5 Exalted Flamers & lots of Brimstone units. 

This game was a real challenge, I expected to get tabled due to all that smite and close combat prowess... that didn't quite happen (2 wounds left on the Spartan!)

I did lose the game something like 13 to 6, but was very happy with the result as it was a real slog for him despite the end result not really being in doubt.

::and as pointed out some decent luck in this opening game kept me in it... thank god for the changes to Smite & Pink Horrors moving forward though! Small mercies at least but this list isnt going to be that much easier to kill regardless!::

Game 2 I played the Chaos Space Marine list that I faced at my last tournament, this game went a lot better with my new army shape tabling my opponent by turn 4, and it definitely helped that the knight nearly died in the opening turn (16 of 24 wounds lost).

I only didn't kill it because I screwed up with my shot allocation and decided that at 8 wounds left leaving it alive was an acceptable choice. 

The Librarian pretty much killed himself in this game, periling and failing key tests! 

In my third game I was facing another opponent I knew (Chaos Space Marines again), this time with a Stormeagle & Scorpius Whirlwind, Kharn and a load of Beserkers.

You would think that going first and having 12 Lascannons with re-roll to hit, re-roll 1's to wound would mean I could kill something in the opening turn (that ignores the Predator Autocannon & 4 Heavy Bolters I had on the tanks), however thats not how it worked.

I took 3 wounds off a Scorpius and that was that. 

In the second turn (having lost my Predator to his), I managed to kill the Storm Eagle but it quite literally took my entire army to do so... which really shouldn't have happened. 

The main plus side was the Spartan managed to roll over Khan crushing his body good, while my Librarian (obviously hearing Khorne in his head) perils'd twice and killed himself.

Somehow (and I have no idea how really) I won this game despite the dice hating me until the end of Turn 4, where my Spartan hitting on 4's managed to blow up both the Scorpius and Predator. 

In the end I think I only won as my opponent played true to the nature of his Khorne Beserkers and kept chasing kills rather than securing him the objective which would have won it for him 6-5.

Instead much to my shock I came out with a 5-4 win, and finished in 7th overall!

Pretty happy with that given who I faced at the start (who incidentally didn't win the tournament only because I manage to deny him Victory points in my game!)

Next time I will post some analysis of my list and where I need to tweak or improve it moving forwards! 


Tim Dagnall said…
You were just lucky in your first game.
Kraggi said…
Excessively so... but even though you were systematically destroying my army you made it a fun and enjoyable experience, and really setting my expectations of only killing your DP's was probably the way to go, next time though Drop Pods, Sternguard Vets and the Blue Scribes! :D

Thank you again for an excellent game good sir!