Firestorm 2017 - list first thoughts

With my recent decision to attend the GT that Games Workshop are running it changed my perspective for how I was going to play my Ultramarines in an upcoming tournament.

Shifting me from a friendly not too crazy list, to one that should hopefully be able to put out some hurt on my opponents.

Here it is.

Super Heavy Auxilary Detachment
Roboute Guilliman (+3 Command Points)

Battalion Detachment (+3 Command Points)
Lieutenant - Power Maul, Plasma Pistol
Librarian - Force Sword

Tactical Squad (10), Heavy Bolter, Combi-Plasma, Plasma Gun
Tactical Squad (5), Combi-Flamer, Flamer
Tactical Squad (10), Heavy Bolter, Combi-Plasma, Plasma Gun

Contemptor Dreadnought - Kheres Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, Storm Bolter
Sicaran Battle Tank, Heavy Bolter (3), Twin Accelerator Autocannon
Sternguard Veteran Squad (7), Plasma Gun x 1, Special Issue Boltgun

Landraider, Twin Lascannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta

Drop Pod, Storm Bolter

Total Points: 1997
Total Models: 39
Unit Count: 11
Drops: 7
Command Points: 9

With the Ultramarines trait at least I will be able to get out of any combats I get stuck in, and this list provides me both Guilliman & a Contemptor to deal with those threats when they are up close and personal. 

The Tactical Squads are built the way they are to increase the volume of shots as I expect this army to be relatively mobile, and the Heavy Bolter consistently does the job I need it to.

The Librarian is the only thing here I have that is at risk of not being ready for the weekend, as I still actually have to source, build and paint the model... its now tuesday....

Finally the Sicaran helps against flyers, and with big Bobby G sitting next to it, its 8 rerolling hits, and rerolling wounds ignoring the -1 to hit vs flyers should be quite nice. Especially with its flat 2 damage a hit.