Firestorm 2017 - the actual list

So Saturday saw my local clubs annual 40k event, we had 36 players turn up all told (only 4 last minute drop outs, so not bad at all!)

The event is also one of the ETC ranked events so we had a good showing from Team Scotland. Another post will follow with a quick overview of my games and the total results. 

So what was the list (other than just seeing the models above).

Detachment A:

Supreme Command (+1 Command Point)

Captain (upgraded to Chapter Master), Plasma Pistol, Power Axe (Warlord), Relic - Santic Halo

Librarian, Force Sword, Storm Bolter

Lieutenant, Power Maul, Plasma Pistol

Relic Spartan Assault Tank, Quad Lascannon x 2, Twin Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta

Battalion (+3 Command Points)

Lieutenant, Power Sword, Combi-Plasma

Primaris Lieutenant, Power Sword - Relic, The Burning Blade

Intercessor Squad (8 Marines)

Tactical Squad (10 Marines), Combi Plasma for Sergeant, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad (10 Marines), Combi Plasma & Melta-bombs for Sergeant, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

Predator, Predator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter x 2, Hunter-killer Missile

Land Raider, Twin Lascannon x 2, Twin Heavy Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile

Total Points: 1,999

So this list had my Warlord using the following trait: Storm of Fire
Librarian Psychic Powers: Null Zone & Might of Heroes + Smite

All in all very happy with this list, and the only change that I was advised to make during the tournament was to have had Guilliman in there (which I deliberately chose not to do).

With the Chapter Master + Lieutenants I really only miss the ability to re-roll 2's on the lascannons vs most things... this hurt me in some games, but the land raider as an addition instead of Guilliman probably was for the best (probably!).