Chapter Approved - the latest rules

So Warhammer Community unveiled more tidbits from Chapter Approved coming out later this year. 

Once again Games Workshop have shown their continued support to a more open game and better interactions with their customers, lets have a quick look at the updates they released.

The change to First turn I a big one, for me I know I have been building army lists with a view to making first turn a virtual guarantee (one of my list has 4 drops only....). This change means there is an advantage to having an elite army but it doesn't mean you will always go first. 

It might have been nice to see that as more than a +1, maybe a +2, but overall I think this is a good change. 

This well an truly puts the nail into the coffin of Raven Spam, now even if you have a couple of units you feel are safe to be on the table while your flyers run around shooting things, you aren't going to score objectives anywhere near as easily. 

This was needed, as soon as they gave this to Space Marines in the codex, for competitiv play they really needed to make sure that other armies can't compete. 

I would like to see units like Conscripts lose access to this when their codex comes out, however for now its a very good change! 

What are your thoughts, a good change, a money grab, or something that should have been in the initial release?