Ultramarine Centurions

So these guys have been painted since November last year, they are pretty basic and probably need some further tweaking, but on the table top with the rest of the army around them they look ok and fit in with the theme. 

The Italic bit is what I had written prior to 8th Edition being released, since we have now had the rules in hand, (and at the time of writing this preplanned post - the rumours & pictures) I have to say that I am very happy with my Centurions loadout. 

Four Lascannon Shots a Turn, 6 Heavy Bolter shots a turn, along with two Centurion Rocket Launchers & a Hurricane bolter to boot, these guys really can throw down the hurt! 

Bit of an unusual weapons mix here I appreciate, but I really didnt want to go Grav Heavy and just be another marine army that jumped on that band wagon! 

It might even be time for me to add another three of these guys to my army....