Ooops! Submitting the wrong army list!

So I made a boo-boo... when I submitted my last list (you can find it here). I messed up and equipmeny my Tartaros terminators as I had built them, which meant some had single Lightning Claws. 

Unfortunately that isnt an option in the Index, hopefully its an oversight and something that will be corrected in the SM Codex / Index, but until then it meant I had to change my list, so I went for a radical rethink! 

Up from 3 Heavy Support units, we now have 5, and it allowed me to get a few more Primaris marines involved, oh... and a Landraider! 

Revised List:

Detachment: Spearhead
Keyword: Ultramarines

HQ (2/2)
Captain, Combi-Plasma, Power sword
Primaris Lieutenant, Auto Bolt Rifle

Elites (1/2)
Sternguard Veteran Squad (10), Plasma Gun (2), Special Issue Boltgun (8)

Troops (1/3)
Tactical Squad (10), Flamer, Combi-Flamer

Heavy Support (5/6)
Landraider, Twin Lascannon x 2, Twin Heavy Bolter
Hellblaster Squad (5), Plasma Incinerator (5)
Predator, Predator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter (2)
Devastator Squad (10), Combi-Plasma, Heavy Bolter (2), Missile Launcher (2)
Devastator Squad (10), Combi-Plasma, Heavy Bolter (2), Missile Launcher (2)

Fast Attack (1/2)
Inceptor Squad (3), Assault Bolter (6)

Dedicated Transport (1)
Drop Pod, Storm bolter

Fortunately the extra units don't increase my number of drops (still sitting at 7) but do give me a shed load of versatility.

Admittedly its not as much versatility as say a unit of deep striking terminators might have, but as I have barely played 8th it will be interesting to see how this list works (or doesnt!)