Further 2000 point army list thoughts

After more reflection on the Eternal Warrior tournament, I have a few ideas for how to reduce some of my Casualties, especially in the first game, and potentially in the second & third.

My plan... dedicated transports.

Now I dont own any, mainly because in the old world these guys were just too easy to kill, now they potentially die just as quickly, but if they absorb a load of shots that dont kill my men thats not a terrible thing.

Another plus is that Rhinos with two Storm Bolters throw out 8 shots at 12" which is not bad at all! 

So with that in mind my Eternal Warrior list would instead be:


Captain, Power Sword, Combi-Plasma
Primaris Lieutenant, Power Sword

Heavy Support

Landraider, Twin Lascannon x 2, Twin Heavy Bolter, Multi-melta, Hunter-Killer Missile Stormbolter
Predator, Heavy Bolter x 2, Predator Autocannon, Storm Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile
Devastator Squad, (10 Marines) Combi-Plasma, Rocket Launcher x 2, Heavy Bolter x 2
Devastator Squad, (9 Marines) Combi-Plasma, Rocket Launcher x 2, Heavy Bolter x 2


Contemptor Dreadnought, Kheres Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, Storm Bolter

Sternguard Veterans, Plasma Gun x 2, Special Issue Boltgun x 8


Tactical Squad, (5 Marines), Combi-Flamer, Flamer

Dedicated Transports

Rhino, Storm Bolter x 2, Hunter-Killer Missile
Rhino, Storm Bolter x 2, Hunter-Killer Missile
Razorback, Storm Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile, Twin Lascannon
Drop Pod, Storm Bolter


This list loses the Inceptors & Hellblasters from my previous list, in a large part because of how not survivable those guys were.

It allows me to hide my men behind or in tanks if facing overwhelming firepower on turn 1.

I have also kitted out the Rhinos with two Storm Bolters a pop and a Hunter Killer Missile for a few extra rocket shots, this doesnt make up for the loss of those 6 Assault Bolters, but it will help a little

Finally I threw in the Razorback for the Tactical Squad, as the Twin Lascannons will be a welcome addition to the list.

The Contemptor is an addition, which required me to drop down the Tactical squad size, and he can be swapped out, but he gives me a bit of extra punch at short range if something deep strikes in too close, or if a Knight runs across the table at me, those extra wounds from a successful charge might make all the difference! 

Still only rocking around with 4 command points, but hopefully that wont be too much of a big deal, and maybe this list will work better without Guilliman, who I do want to use, but would rather avoid relying on him in a tournament! 

What do you think of this compared to the previous one? 

Admittedly this plan requires the purchase of an extra three tanks, but I figure if I get three Razorbacks, I get a little bit more flexibility in what and how I deploy, and I can always convert my Landraider into a Terminus Ultra should the mood take me!