Battle Report - Ultramarines vs Skitari, 2000 points, Eternal Warrior Game 3

So third and final game, still on table 12, this time facing Skitari (an army I have never faced before), with another Imperial Knight.

His list is below:

James J

Faction - Imperium
Points Total - 1998

Battalion detachment: keyword: ad mech Mars   
HQ: Belisarius Cawl  (250pts) ++Warlord (Inspiring Leader)
HQ: Tech priest 125 macrostubber 2 volkite blaster 8 axe 0 (135)
Troop: 10 vanguard 10x10 1 arc rifle 4 (104)
Troop: 10 vanguard 10x10 1 arc rifle 4  (104)
Troop: 5 rangers 5x10 2 transauranic arquebuses 25x2 (100)
Elite: cyber datasmith 22 powerfist 20 gamma pistol 10 (52)
Elite : 5 infiltrators 5x18 flechette blasters 5x2 taser goads 5x6 (130)
Heavy support: onager dunecrawler 90 Icarus array 40 (130)
Heavy support: 4 kastellan robots 4x65 3 heavy phosphor blasters 4x3x15 (440)
Fast attack: ironstrider ballistari 50 twin cognis las cannon 45 (95)

Super heavy auxiliary detachment
Low: knight paladin 320 reaper chainsword 30 rapid fire battlecannon 100

2 heavy stubbers 2x4 (458)

So the snaps below are from the middle of my turn 1 movement

What I did not know is that the Kastelan robots (to the right of the image above) are absolutely terrifying!

Turn 1:
I went first, and went to make sure I got first blood, dropping in the inceptors my left flank to get his unit of Snipers (although I only got 3 of the 5). The remaining two dying to Heavy bolters.

The Veterans dropped in to deal with his other infantry unit, but even at their short range I scuffed my shots only killing 5 of them. 

The rest of my army split its fire between his walker with twin lascannons (which we killed) and the knight that we managed to pluck 12 wounds off in our opening turn.

His retaliation was impressive, he killed the Inceptors with his Skitarii Vanguard, and then proceeded with his Kastellans (on the two rounds of shooting protocol) to wipe out the Veterans & my right flank Devastator squad, well he only killed 8 of the Devastators but I failed my morale and the two survivors ran away. 

In my turn 2 I focused what remained of my army on the Knight intent on bringing it down, but only managed a further 7 wounds leaving it on 5 (but thankfully not as effective in combat this time!).

This included me bringing my tactical squad out to try and help me wound the knight (I though auto hits from the flamers might be nice), and to move up for the relic as well.

In return his Dune Onager started plinking wounds off my Predator, and his Knight got into combat with my Hellblasters and killed 4 of them. 

His Kastelans opened up on the remaining Devastator squad, and then wiped out the tactical squad for good measure - something along the lines of 37 marines and clear over 800 points killed by a 440 point unit in two turns! 

In turn 3 I finally downed the Knight, and also took out the Dune Onager to protect the predator. With very little of my army remaining at this point my turn ended pretty quickly. 

His turn 3 had him move his Kastelans so no more two rounds of shooting for now, and they took a couple more wounds off my predator, while the Vanguard tried to move up to get the Relic properly this time. 

In my turn 4 I started trying to focus down the other vanguard squad on the right flank to ensure he had less infantry standing around, and I also managed to kill one of his Kastelans. 

His turn 4 saw the Kastelans start firing on the Drop Pod & predator again plinking more wounds away. 

My turn 5 and again with very minimal movement had my Landraider and predator finish off the remaining Vangaurds on the table top in line of sight.

He then moved Crawl to pick up the Relic, while consolidating his Kastellans closer to prevent me getting free shots at his characters. His shooting brough my predator down to two wounds remaining! 

At the end of the turn he rolled to see if the game would go one and re-rolled it with a command point when he passed the roll, although the roll again still suceeded. 

In my turn 6, the Landraider advanced towards his objectives, and took him down to one remaining Kastelan robot, the predator popped smoke, and the Captain & Lieutenant hid out of the way. 

His return fire from the single Kastelan (with his two rounds of shooting again) took one more wound off my Predator who somehow survived! 

At the end of Turn 6 he rolled to see if the game would go one again, he passed the roll, re-rolled it with a command point and still passed it (onto turn 7!)

Turn 7 and my Landraider surged into his deployment zone for Linebreaker, and in my error decided to target Crawl with all his shots to try and take out his Warlord - I should have killed the remaining Kastelan for a kill point! 

I wounded Crawl, but only took 5 wounds off him, not enough! 

His Kastelan killed the predator while Crawl elected not to charge the Landraider (just in case the Lascannons got lucky!).

In Summary

The game ended, and the dust settled and in the end I lost 9-8. Had it ended the turn before I would have lost 8-7 but what a close (and in the end very exciting game!)

If I had killed the Kastelan he couldnt have killed my Predator, which would have granted me a bonus point and him one less, reversing the scores... oh well! 

On the flip side I scored a kill point as both he and I forgot he had his infiltrators in reserve and they never arrived!