Battle Report - Ultramarines vs Iron Warriors, 2000 points, Eternal Warrior Game 2

Second game and I got placed against someone who I love chatting to the hobby about and love my games with.

He also won best painted (which is generally what happens when he turns up, it is that good!)

This was a bit ore of an even match up with more diversty in Jamie's list than my previous opponent (Which isnt meant to be a dig, competitive lists are just that).

His list:

Jamie F

Faction - Chaos
Points Total - 1997

Chaos Lord w/Terminator armour, Combi Plasma, Power Maul – 141pts ++Warlord (Tenacious Survivor)
4 Chaos Terminators w/Combi Plasma & Power axe
1 Chaos Terminator w/Combi Plasma, Power axe & Icon of Vengeance – 265pts
Helbrute w/Twin Lascannon, Power Fist – 162pts
Chaos Marines
Champion, Bolter, Power Axe
3 Chaos Marines, Bolter, Bolt Pistol
1 Chaos Marine, Melta – 87
Chaos Rhino 72
Chaos Marines
Champion, Bolt Pistol, Power Axe
3 Chaos Marines, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
1 Chaos Marine, Melta – 87
Chaos Rhino 72
Chaos Marines
Champion, Bolter, Power Axe
3 Chaos Marines, Bolter, Bolt Pistol
1 Chaos Marine, Autocannon – 85
Havocs - Champion, Bolter, Chainsword, 4 Havocs, 4 Autocannons, 1 Havocs, Bolter, Bolt Pistol – 158pts
Rhino, Havoc Launcher 83pts
Chaos Vindicator – 160
3 Obliterators – 195
Super Heavy Auxiliary detachment

Renegade Knight, Reaper Chainsword, Thermal Cannon, Heavy Stubber, Titanic feet – 430pts

It was also my first time facing an Imperial Chaos Knight (I was saved from that for not playing much of 7th!)

And below you can see our setup after the first turn

And the objectives I drew from my tactical deck.  

Turn 1:
I deployed first, and brought in my Veterans & Inceptors to get maximum impact (and to try and roadblock him).

They managed to kill his Havoc Squad and a unit of 5 Chaos Space Marines, and even take a couple of wounds off the predator!

The rest of my army stayed pretty stationary to pump maximum fire into his Knight, as I was pretty sure I did not want that getting into combat, unfortunately I only managed to knock it down 6 wounds or so (thats with 7 Heavy Bolters, 1 Predator Autocannon, 4 Missile Launchers & 4 Lascannons.

His turn 1 had him turn round and charge the Veterans, while shooting and charging the Inceptors, he also brought his Obliterators, Terminators & Chaos Lord down to deal with my back line defences.

They wiped out the Hellblasters in a volley of plasma damage, while the Obliterators fired into the Devastator squad killing 3 marines (the ones in range for the charge at least!).

The Knight (as you would expect) ran across the table at me, hoping for some turn 1 charge goodness, although fortunately he didnt make the charge this time!

Turn 2:

With the Knight, Terminators & Obliterators in my face it was going to be a challenging turn!

My Devastators fell back to allow the rest of my army to shoot at the Knight, while the tactical squad dis-embarked to move towards the terminators in a vain hope of holding them up before they got to my weapons line!

The inceptors who had been charged but unharmed, disengaged from combat and moved out to take more pot shots at another Chaos Space Marine squad, while the Veterans stayed in combat (having not lost any more men in the combat - they lost 6 to shooting though!).

The Rockets I had left, and Lascannons & Predator managed to knock another few wounds off the Knight, reducing his ability to hit in close combat (woot woot!).

While I managed to cause 1 wound on the terminators with my Tactical squad.

In his turn 2, he wiped out the Inceptors with shooting, and piled the Dreadnought into the combat with the Veterans.

The Terminators advanced enough to wipe out the Tactical squad with shooting (and then a failed morale - losing 7 guys is really only when this begins to matter!)

The Obliterators tried plinking off some wounds on the landraider without much success.

In combat I lost none of my veterans (rocking a triple 6 for armour saves at one point!)

Turn's 3-5

I managed to take out the Knight, although by the time I did that I was down to two Devastators a Landraider and the Predator left to deal with it. The resulting explosion (yes he rolled a 6!) meant that I had a chunk of mortal wounds kill and damage yet more of my guys.

The Obliterators & Terminators rolled up my left flank, and only by sacrificing my Captain & Lieutenant did I stop them moving much further.

The Captain actually managed to kill four of the terminators in combat, which isnt too shabby at least, before he eventually died to the Chaos Lords blade! 

This game showed how quickly people can get close to you and this list (and potentially my model collection in general!) shows how few combat orientated units I have here. 

The end result was a 12-4 Victory Point win for my opponent, but it felt like a much closer game!