Battle Report - Ultramarines vs Grey Knights, 2000 points, Eternal Warrior 1

You can see his list in this post here.

In summary though its 2,000 points, 8 models - 1 character, 3 Stormravens & 4 Dreadknight.

It packs a punch and can get close to the enemy very very quickly. 

This game wasn't over as quickly as I expected, but equally I hadn't actually really appreciated how much firepower this army puts out.

I failed to Seize the imitative, which was pretty much the only way I could try and salvage something from this. 

In his opening turn he brought in all his Dreadknights so and Draigo into the centre of the board, and the Stormravens turned up there as well (so as to benefit from Draigo's bubble). 

In the opening turn he killed:

Turn 1

1 Combat Squad of the Devastators
10 Veterans

In response I brought nothing in from reserve (hoping to prolong the game), and managed with the Landraider & Devastators to take 6 wounds from a Stormraven. 

Turn 2

In turn 2 he killed

2nd Half of the Devastator Squad
Primaris Lieutenant
9 Wounds off the Landraider

In my turn 2, I brough in the Inceptors & Devastator squad by drop pod, between these guys and the Landraider I managed to kill a Stormraven. 

Turn 3

In his turn 3, he finished off the Landraider, Inceptors & Tactical Squad that was in the Landraider

My turn 3 results in the Devastators having to deal with a dreadknight that was advancing on them, and not doing anything.

Turn 4

His Turn 4, he kill the drop pod & Devastator squad reducing me to no models left, and a table result. 

He got 20 Tournament points and 50 Victory points (the standard given for tabling), while I got 4 Victory points for the four Tactical objectives I managed to claim. 

In Summary:
I needed to Seize, or have reduced my number of drops to 7 to get to go first, if I had done that then I could maybe have knocked out a Stormraven in turn 1, reducing the incoming threat by a third, which would have helped immeasurably. 

The combat threat I was worried about didnt manifest itself, the volume of fire these guys put out was more than enough, they can obviously handle their own in combat, but they kicked the bejesus out of me with just shooting attacks!