Primaris Marines - thoughts on prices

Ok so late posting this by comparison to the rest of the net! 

However have to say that I like the look of these guys!

I think these three will be making my army, and with luck I might even have the Imperium part of Dark Imperium painted before they are released...

Quite looking forward to the rules for these guys although I suspect they arent going to be cheap in game (either in power or points!), but more Primaris gives me more mix and match options for my guys! 

I don't like the robe colours but that should be easy enough for me to change. Fingers crossed for these two Characters to rock in at a decent price, and not £19 a head like the Assassins, although I am not holding my breath here!

::Since writing this I had it confirmed from a store via Twitter that these guys are $35 each ~ which upon checking the GW site for something priced at $35 dollars in the US, comes to £20.50 in the Uk (for reference I used the Company Command Squad). Given the exchange rate currently shows that $35 is roughly £27.49::

Can anyone say Call of Duty Ghosts? Certainly what I Thought about when I saw these guys, I do wonder if 3 is going to be the maxium squad size, if so they could really struggle to threaten a lot of units, and will likely to be very susceptible to dying early. 

My hope is that by only releasing them in a box of 3, and maybe a unit size of 3-9 we will see these guys rocking in under £20 a box - I would love them to come in at £15 a box or less as that makes them very good as entry level for people getting into the hobby.

::Edit, so since I wrote this it looks like the prices are out, and these guys rock in at £10 for 3. that doesnt bode well for them being in units of 3-9 I think, but does bode well for me picking up a set to see how they go together and how we may be able to start looking at converting them, the easy to assemble guys aren't terrible, unless its the same model repeated a crazy amount of times!::

 (all pictures from Warhammer Community Site)