On the Painting table

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Here are a few of the things that have made twitter, but not the blog in the last few weeks. 

So these guys represented the last of the MkIV marines I have that needed painting (thats 10 of the 90 I now have!)

Here are the 40 that needed basing & a Nuln oil wash - too many models in one batch next time, smaller batches! 

All 40 of them now have their bases painted.

And here all 40 have the Nuln Oil wash

And finally all 40 of them have the stone basing (they just need some snow adding tonight to them!)

Why not to have both types of basing material open and within reach while watching netflix at the same time...

And the next batch... this time only 17 models in this batch

Next step, Metal, Gold Trim and some Veteran helmet colours!

Of course this doesnt count the other 15 terminators, 20 MkIII's that need painting, but smaller batches, how many will i get done in time for 8th Edition being released?

Tomorrow the brown trim colour that I use under the Gold Trim / Leather, and maybe (with some luck) I will get the metal painted on as well!